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Welcome to the Uni-Verse

If I learned anything from my one astronomy class in university, it was that we truly know nothing about the Universe that we are a part of. One particular lab period comes to mind. It was a Monday, my partner and I were rally struggling to calculate the distance between two stars, and we could not even get close to the right answer. Finally, after exhausting all our resources (google), I raised my hand. The teacher walked over and a sheepishly told him that our calculations were several million miles short of the correct answer. He laughed dismissively, turned away, and said over his shoulder "In astronomy that's pretty accurate, I will count it as right."

That can be how going to university feels sometimes. We hover somewhere between stressing over 1% on a test and shrugging our shoulders and stating, "eh, that's pretty close."

I do know one place I can turn when I am guilt-tripping myself for not studying hard enough, justifying watching one more episode "for my mental health," or feeling like giving up on everything and going to work at a pizza place: The Bible.

In this blog I will share Bible verses that impact my life in Uni-versity

(see what I did there, university + verses = uni-verse).

Through sharing my struggles and how God has helped me, through listening to your struggles and testimonies, we can weave together a story that portrays the God of the Universe.

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