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Andrews Ministerial Association Retreat

Reinspire Devotion and Prayer: February 2019

Community - Relevance of the Christian Community Today: February 2020 

As an officer of the Andrews Ministerial Association (Vice-President in 2019, President in 2020) I had the opportunity of working with an amazing team to create a weekend retreat each year for the members of the association as well as the larger campus audience. The focus of these retreats was to build relationships through fellowship and provide tools for the strengthening of our relationship with God. We were able to gather people from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures together to talk about Jesus. It was truly a little taste of heaven to see relationships being built and strengthened through Jesus.

Family First


While my growth in family relationships isn't a direct result of my education, it is very important to me. My parents raised me as an Adventist as have been a powerful example to me of maintaining a relationship with God and eachother. I have two older sisters who, although trying at times, have taught me so much about unconditional love. 

Arise Intensive

I had the opportunity of working with Pastor David Asscherick for a Week of Prayer at Andrews University. At the end of the week I was able to attend the Arise Intensive on campus. Going through the experience of diving into God's work with a small group of truth-seekers old and young, from different cultural and religious backgrounds, was powerful. We decided at the end of the two day Intensive to develop a group which would continue to study and practice discipleship. We were able to meet several times over the rest of the school year to strengthen each other, share how God was blessing, and study the Bible.

Student Chaplain for Campus Ministries 

As a student Chaplain for campus ministries I had the opportunity of working with amazing, dedicated teams as well interacting with students of Andrews University from all walks of life. 


Community is valuable to me, and friendship is an important part of of that community. While at Andrews I have cultivated relationship and community through shared experiences like going on a study tour, working together, playing basketball, and going canoeing or backpacking. 

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